Teenage Survival Guide (TSG) – short fun creative workshop for children and young people between the ages of 11 and 16-Zoom

Unit 1

Introduction and definitions

Creatively examine the context of your challenges; myths and facts about mental health and your legal rights and responsibilities

Unit 2

Wheel of challenges and emotions

Examine your challenges/causes; understand the impact on your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Understand how your brain works, normalise your fears and create, compare and contrast emotion wheels for different challenge

Unit 3

Resilience building

Learn about emotional intelligence, identify your core values/risk and protective factors, gain confidence in managing risk and protective factors and learn how to seek timely support

Unit 4 Create your own wellbeing guide

This could be in the form of drawing, collage, audio, video recording, blog, vlog of what works for you in the management of your wellbeing.  Help to inform parents/carers, researchers and professionals about what works for you.

Stage 2 support